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To Russia With Love

The Kaleidoscope Trust is delighted to be involved in this year's 'Christmas Card' from award-winning creative agency, Mother.


Mother's Christmas project has been designed to stick two fingers up at homophobia in Russia.

The Russian LGBT community is facing increasingly harsh treatment at the hands of authorities. Attacks on LGBT people are rising, in a country where publicly supporting LGBT people is now a crime. In short, the Russian LGBT community needs help. So, this Christmas, Mother is sending something To Russia With Love.

The agency has created seven limited edition, hand-painted sets of Russian nesting dolls featuring artist's renders of five gay British icons: Elton John, George Michael, Stephen Fry, Graham Norton and Tom Daley.

The dolls will be auctioned online at www.torussiawithlove.co.uk between the 13th and 22nd of December to raise money for The Kaleidoscope Trust and their counterparts in the Russian LGBT community.

Which is exactly the sort of thing that could get you arrested in Russia.



Over Christmas, Mother will deliver a set of dolls to the Russian Embassy in London and The Kremlin as an act of solidarity with the LGBT community in Russia.

Bidding starts this Friday the 13th of December at www.torussiawithlove.co.uk