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ILGA publishes the 2015 edition of their State-Sponsored Homophobia report, a world survey of laws on criminalisation, protection and recognition of same-sex relationships. This is the 10th edition of the annual report. 

This report brings together the first phase of research carried out by  The Kaleidoscope Trust and The Royal Commonwealth Society mapping LGBT rights in the Commonwealth as well as views expressed by a broad range of Commonwealth diplomats in an ongoing series of discussions.

A new study from the Williams Institute finds that there has been a notable global increase in the acceptance of homosexuality over the past 20 years.

New research by the Williams Institute and the Blue Diamond Society finds that 60 percent of Nepalese LGBT people have experienced at least one incident of abuse or discrimination, and over one-third reported discrimination or abuse in three or more public settings.

'Being LGBT in Asia' is a regional analysis undertaken by UNDP and USAID together with grassroots LGBT organisations and community activists to understand the challenges faced by LGBT people in eight countries in Asia including China.

The International Gay & Lesbian Human Rights Commission reports on the violence faced by lesbians, bisexual women and trans people across Asia.

ILGA publishes the 2014 edition of their State-Sponsored Homophobia report, a defintive world survey of laws on criminalisation, protection and recognition of same-sex love.

A report from the event, The Commonwealth and Human Rights: Priorities from Colombo to Valletta, co-hosted by the Kaleidoscope Trust, the Royal Commonwealth Society and the Commonwealth Human Rights Initiative, examining the rights challenges facing the Commonwealth.

This map, produced by Human Rights First, tracks the spread of Russian-style 'gay propaganda' laws across the former Soviet Union.

This report by Sexual Minorities Uganda uses scientific, historical, anthropological and comparative social data from other sub-Saharan African states to debunk the theories behind the Anti-Homosexuality Bill as not only factually unfounded but also essentially un-African.

Published as part of the 5th annual International Queer Festival 2013 in St. Petersburg, this report is written by art historian and feminist Nadia Plungian. It is devoted to LGBT history in Russia and the Soviet Union - from medicalisation and social isolation to the development of subcultures and the fight for political rights.

Edited by Matthew Waites and Corinne Lennox, this book is the first in depth academic study of LGBT rights in the Commonwealth. Highly recommended and available free of charge.

To coincide with the 2013 Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting, the Kaleidoscope Trust surveys the rights of LGBT people across the Commonwealth.

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