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We carry out our work in three ways:

  1. Supporting change-makers: We work with activists, organisations and networks working to uphold the rights of LGBTI+ people in over 25 countries to ensure they have the funding, skills and training to change hearts and minds.
  2. Influencing political leaders: We work in the UK and beyond to ensure global LGBTI+ issues are a priority for funding, legislative and foreign policy decisions.
  3. Building coalitions for change: We connect grassroots organisations with those in power so they can advocate for themselves and their communities.

How we work

We know that it's the LGBTI+ activists on the ground who can effect change in their local communities. That's why we work to build up the global movement by ensuring they have the funding, resources and training they need to support their work.


Our advocacy work aims to spread awareness among officials and policy-makers about LGBTI+ rights across the globe, including in the Commonwealth, urging them to use their power and influence in support of the rights of LGBTI+ people.

Capacity Building

In many countries, there is often only one organisation available to LGBTI+ communities. We deliver funding, resources and support to ensure the long-term sustainability of organisations defending the human rights of LGBTI+ people.

Movement Strengthening

Our programmes are designed to strengthen and embolden movements for change. We share knowledge, bring together organisations with interconnected goals and connect grassroots organisers to high-level politicians and decision-makers.

Research and Analysis

Our research helps us to better understand the varied and diverse movements taking place in support of LGBTI+ human rights and the support that is needed to bring about positive change. The findings underpin our programme design, as we shape outputs and advocacy that centre the needs of diverse LGBTI+ communities.