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Join us at exciting new play and post-show panel

The Kaleidoscope Trust will host a panel discussion as part of a special show of the Glass Protégé, a powerful drama written by Dylan Costello.


The play is set in Hollywood in 1949 - a time when passion was lauded but sex never discussed. So when young British actor Patrick Glass embarks on a scandalous gay love affair with his famous co-star Jackson Harper, he starts to feel the full force of the studio's career-destroying muscle. Forty years later, as the truths of the past are uncovered, the true consequences of this 'unacceptable' romance come to light. 

On 28th April the Kaleidoscope Trust is hosting a post-show panel and Q&A session to discuss themes arising from the play and how discrimination continues to affect LGBT people across the world. The panel will feature Peter Tatchell, prominent human rights campaigner, Reverend Jide Macaulay, British-Nigerian founder of the House Of Rainbow Fellowship and Trustee of the Kaleidoscope Trust, and some of the play's cast and production team. 

The play is produced by Giant Cherry Productions, set up to bring a wave of new LGBT productions to the global film, theatre and television scene. 

Tickets are available from the Park Theatre. Supporters of the Kaleidoscope Trust can use the promocode KT15 to redeem a discount for the special show when booking online. 


Please note that the play is suitable for over 16s only.