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Minister of State for International Development endorses Kaleidoscope Trust

Alan Duncan, Minister of State for International Development said:


I would like to take this opportunity to welcome the launch of The Kaleidoscope Trust - an independent not-for-profit organisation working globally to promote rights for all citizens, regardless of sexual orientation.

It is outrageous that people across the world are still subject to arrest, detention or even death simply because of their sexual orientation or gender identity and this Government is fully committed to advancing LGB&T equality and challenge discrimination wherever it occurs.

The UK published an action plan in March this year that demonstrated its commitment to advancing equality for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGB&T) people domestically and internationally.

The UK is actively pressing countries to ensure they do more to promote the basic rights of all of their citizens. We strive to give a voice to those who are oppressed or threatened.

The UK is committed to promoting basic rights across African countries and other developing nations, with aid programmes to promote civil society, better education and encourage better parliamentary scrutiny, allowing the people to hold their Government to account.

Through these actions, we are taking steps towards greater equality and a world where people can live their lives free from stigma, discrimination and persecution.

We look forward to Kaleidoscope contributing to this crucial work.

Read the full letter here.