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Bake With Pride: Show us your best lockdown bakes! DIVA Raises money for Kaleidoscope Trust

Whether you've created a rainbow masterpiece or perfected some beautiful buns, we want to see your bakes!

DIVA magazine is launching a new fundraising online event, Bake With Pride, to support Kaleidoscope Trust's COVID-19 fundraising campaign.


DIVA's Bake With Pride will take place over the weekend 6 -7 June. We need 200 DIVA bakers to get their mixing bowls out to take part and help raise £1000!


All you need to do is bake a cake, post your pictures on DIVA's Bake With Pride Facebook Group and make a suggested donation of £5.


As well as making a donation, you can buy some themed merchandise to help with raising funds. 100% of profits will go to the Kaleidoscope Trust.


For full details, visit DIVA's website.