We support LGBT+ activists around the world

Kaleidoscope Trust supporters Frazer and James are running 72 miles in 24 hours to raise funds for our work!

Two of our supporters got in touch with us recently to tell us they were planning to run 72 miles in 24 hours - one mile for each country that criminalises same sex intimacy - all to fundraise for Kaleidoscope Trust! We were impressed to say the least, especially in the wintry London weather! Here's more from one of the keen athletes, James, on why they're attempting this feat:

"Whilst some countries are becoming more tolerant, others are becoming increasingly oppressive. The global imbalance of LGBT rights is becoming more apparent and the complex intersectionalities of the international LGBT community are left unaddressed. We want to run 72 miles in 24 hours for each country that criminalises same sex relationships to demonstrate the magnitude of the problem and how far we have yet to go for LGBT equality. 

We are actively involved with several UK based LGBT organisations, but felt powerless in the support of LGBT rights internationally. We decided that the best place to start was to raise money for the activists that work to uphold the rights of the worlds most persecuted LGBT communities. 

We currently live together in London after meeting at Uni many moons ago. Since then we’ve dragged each other all over the world (including Alaska, Iceland, Canada, Morocco, New Zealand, Australia to name a few). For as long as we’ve been friends we’ve pushed each other to compete in a variety of endurance events but nothing quite as daunting as three consecutive marathons along the unforgiving northern coast in peak winter."

Check out their fundraiser video, or support the campaign by donating to Kaleidoscope Trust through the pair's JustGiving page. Thanks so much to Frazer and James for your support, we'll be cheering figuratively from the sidelines!