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Vacancy: Executive Director

Kaleidoscope Trust is a London-based registered charity working to advance and uphold the human rights of LGBT+ people internationally. We are looking for an Executive Director who will lead our work and continue to grow our organisation.


Kaleidoscope Trust is recruiting for its next Executive Director!


How to apply:

Click here for the full job specification and for further information on how to apply.


The deadline for all applications is 23:59, Tuesday 16th April 2019.


The Position 

We are looking for an Executive Director (ED) who is passionate about what we do, who will drive and lead our work and continue to grow our organisation, which presently has nine full-time staff members. The post-holder will also be expected to shape and prioritise efforts to generate financial support to achieve the objectives set out in the charity’s strategy. 


The ED will lead a qualified, diverse and motivated team. The Board are looking for someone with a proven track record of managing a growing organisation. The ED will be someone who will fit well into an environment which is professional but unstuffy, where team work is essential and where individual skills need to be fostered. 


The Executive Director will report to the Board of Directors. The Board regularly reviews Kaleidoscope Trust’s strategy, which is designed to adapt to available resources and new opportunities. The Board are looking for someone who has vision, and the skills to deliver that vision. We need someone who can think strategically and plan and manage the financial challenges of securing both programme and core funding. The ED will be someone who can inspire both Board and staff and harness their enthusiasm and commitment. 


The successful candidate will also have strong communications and relationship-building skills, policy advocacy expertise, knowledge and experience of working with governments and international institutions, a keen political sensitivity, proven skills in diplomacy, and an ability to capture Kaleidoscope Trust’s mission quickly and to deliver it effectively. 


Existing experience in the sector will be valuable and we hope to attract candidates from a diverse background. But, in selecting a new ED, the Board will base its decision on candidates’ character and personality, their track record of leadership and management and evidence of measurable achievement in previous roles. 


Job Description: 

The Executive Director will be responsible for implementing the vision and strategy set by the Kaleidoscope Trust Board, and for leading and managing all the work of the charity. 


Key Responsibilities: 


Overall Strategy 

  • Execute Kaleidoscope Trust’s five-year strategic plan; 

  • Articulate Kaleidoscope Trust’s key mission and raise awareness of its aims and successes; 

  • Report to the Board regularly on progress against targets, reviewing and adapting as political, regulatory and financial issues evolve and dictate. 



  • Increase Kaleidoscope Trust’s annual turnover substantially through fundraising and diversifying long- and short-term funding streams to support programme development and core costs; 

  • Leverage existing network of contacts and develop new ones in order to source potential new donors; 

  • Refine the online donation strategy in order to appeal to a broader public and increase online donations. 


Leadership and Management 

  • Provide first rate strategic oversight and management of the Kaleidoscope Trust team, programmes and finances; 

  • Lead, coach, develop, and build Kaleidoscope Trust’s staff and ensure all are supported and equipped to perform to the highest level; 

  • Work closely with our global network of partners, organisations and activists to drive the change for which the charity exists. Determine which organisations and projects should be prioritised; 

  • Answer to, and support, the Board of Directors, drawing on the expertise and experience of its members; 


Programme Delivery 

  • Sustain and lead our programme of work in line with our long-term objectives. Determine the number of programmes Kaleidoscope Trust can commit to annually and increase on a yearly basis; 

  • Ensure each programme or project has at outset well defined outcomes and plans for execution, including scope, resource allocation and deadlines; 

  • Ensure that each programme is evaluated after completion to determine what could be improved in future. 


Advocacy and Communication 

  • Sustain and advance Kaleidoscope Trust’s position as a leading actor on LGBT+ rights internationally, and in the UK media. 

  • Raise awareness of the issues that are central to Kaleidoscope Trust’s mission both at home and abroad. 

  • Retain and strengthen partnerships in the UK and overseas, establishing excellent relationships with governments, international institutions, donors, civil society organisations, policy experts, academics, opinion formers etc. 


Skills and Competencies 

We are looking for someone with the following concrete demonstrable experience, skills and competencies (E - Essential; D - Desirable): 

  • Clear commitment to Kaleidoscope Trust’s mission to advance the human rights of LGBT+ people, including demonstrable understanding, experience and commitment to international LGBT+ rights issues. (E)

  • Proven track record of budget planning and financial management. (E)

  • Experience in risk and compliance management. (E) 

  • Proven track record of successful fundraising. (E) 

  • Proven ability to work effectively in collaboration with others across multiple countries, cultures and organisations. (E) 

  • Established excellence in management of programmes and successful experience of performance managing staff and setting and achieving strategic objectives. (E) 

  • A persuasive communicator with excellent interpersonal skills to represent Kaleidoscope Trust externally to diverse audiences. (E) 

  • Knowledge and experience of working with government and international institutions; highly developed political sensitivity and judgment; and proven skills in diplomacy. (E) 

  • Action-oriented, entrepreneurial, adaptable, and innovative approach to business planning and delivery. (E) 

  • Fluent in English (E). The ability to work in French and/or Spanish would be an advantage. (D) 

  • Experience of living and/or working in a developing country as a development or campaigns professional. (D) 


How to apply:

Click here for the full job specification and for further information on how to apply.


The deadline for all applications is 23:59, Tuesday 16th April 2019.