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Hillary Clinton wins Award from Kaleidoscope and World Pride

London honours US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton with LGBT award as it hosts World Pride 2012

The Kaleidoscope Trust and Pride London announced today that Hillary Clinton, has been awarded the first World LGBT Award. 

The joint award from Kaleidoscope and London Pride recognises the international attention Secretary Clinton has brought to LGBT rights in publically supporting the community and advocating for increased LGBT rights. The US government strategy to protect the rights of gay and lesbian people around the world and combat the criminalisation of homosexuality was set out in a major speech by Secretary Clinton, at the United Nations in Geneva in December 2011. The Kaleidoscope Trust was among the international human rights organisations invited to meet Mrs. Clinton. It welcomed the speech as a significant step forward in the global campaign to assert that, in her words, "it should never be a crime to be gay."

Harjeet Johal of The Kaleidoscope Trust, said: "Secretary Clinton not only believes that gay rights are human rights, but has acted to ensure that others begin to recognise these rights. It is for this reason she has been selected for the award.  Her bravery, leadership and personal commitment has shone the spotlight onto those nations where being gay remains illegal.  Her support has strengthened our cause and advanced our fight beyond measure." 

The award will be given to Clinton at a Gala Award Ceremony during World Pride which is being hosted by London this year.

The Kaleidoscope Trust has been selected as the official charity partner for Pride London, this year's hosts of World Pride. The theme of the 2012 pride events, which run from June 23rd to July 8th, is the international decriminalisation of homosexuality. World Pride's stated aim is to raise awareness of those suffering persecution because of their sexuality. The World Pride board considered the Kaleidoscope Trust to be an ideal partner given its international focus and effectiveness in communicating the message of decriminalisation.

The Festival will include events such as an international conference on gay rights, international evenings, and the headline event - the Parade on July 7th. This will shine a spotlight on oppressive regimes and further the message that gay rights are human rights. Both organisations look forward to working together in the campaign for true global equality for the LGBT community.