We support LGBT+ activists around the world

31 March 2016 transgender day of visibility

While there have been breakthroughs in trans visibility trans people are still silenced and marginalised around the Commonwealth.


Elizabeth Taylor, a trans activist from Papua New Guinea shared in our Speaking Out report http://kaleidoscopetrust.com/speaking-out-report-2015/ “stigma, discrimination, abuse and violence are part of my daily life. It is not safe for me to walk around freely in my own country. My voice has not been heard when fronted up at the police station. I am not utilising my rights as a human because I am in fear.”


Lady Jessica, a transwoman from Jamaica reflected on her experience in the report “I arrive at Norman Manly International Airport …the Immigration Officer came back and asked “are you a male or female because your passport states male”…I said I am biologically male but identify myself as a woman. Then I told her that I rather to be called Lady Jessica. I arrived at the security checking point. I clearly state I am a woman. She said “no because your identification states male.” She said “well the male security will have to search you” then I…said I needed female officer to search me, she said “ok”.  Whispers of ‘gal bowy’ spread like wild fire throughout the airport among staff, male Security Officers leave duty to witness the famous ‘gal bowy’.” 

Felicity Daly DrPH
Executive Director