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David Kuria speaks to BBC world

Gay Kenyan Senate hopeful David Kuria spoke to BBC world on a recent trip to the United Kingdom. In a tour of the UK hosted by the Kaleidoscope Trust, Kuria spoke movingly of the challenges to LGBT Kenyans and how to move forward on the issues of homosexuality in Africa.


It should be clear that when you discriminate or exclude you miss out on the human potential of the people you exclude. In a continent like Africa, where it is only now we are beginning to benefit from the incredible potential of women - their leadership skills, their intellect and even multi-tasking abilities - one would imagine we have learnt that we all lose when we exclude. It is not good human resource management to exclude - and that is even more important if you are playing 'catch up' in terms of human and economic development.  While stigma and prejudice against sexual minorities limit our human potential we should also reflect on what that means for those living the experience of exclusion.

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