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Hope and dismay across the world in a turbulent year for gay rights

The Kaleidoscope Trust has published its second annual review of the highs and lows in the struggle to uphold the basic human rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people.


The report, published today, shows a willingness by some governments to suspend anti-gay laws and consider decriminalising homosexual acts while others attempt to impose even more draconian penalties.


Among the ‘highs’ detailed in the report are the statement by the prime minister of Trinidad and Tobago that she intends to ‘put an end to all discrimination based on gender or sexual orientation’ and the moratorium on prosecutions in Malawi. The ‘lows’ include draconian anti-homosexuality legislation in Uganda and Nigeria, news laws against ‘gay propaganda’ in Russia, and a wave of arrests in some countries.


Lance Price, Executive Director of the Kaleidoscope Trust, said:


‘LGBT activists have shown enormous courage in standing up for their rights in the face of despicable attempts to silence or imprison them in far too many countries of the world. By refusing to be cowed and by fighting back with whatever tools they have at their disposal they have shown that we will never accept that our rights should be any different to anybody else’s.


'Happily in some countries there have been signs of progress to be welcomed in 2012. By using the power of argument and persuasion, individuals and organisations have encouraged their governments to look again at the laws that make them criminals just for who they are. As we go into 2013 we are both dismayed at the intolerance that continues to scar so many countries, but we also see hope for progress that convinces us that the struggle to uphold the rights of LGBT people is one that can and must succeed.’ 


The full report is available here.