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Kaleidoscope Trust is seeking consultants/consultancy teams to carry out capacity development interventions in several subject areas with LGBTI+ organisations in the Global South and East, for two of our current programmes. We are recruiting consultants to carry out these interventions in the following subject areas:

  • Governance and organisational health and development
  • Monitoring, evaluation and learning, and research
  • Advocacy and campaigning
  • Effective outreach and sensitisation of key stakeholders
  • Safety and security
  • Effective outreach and engagement with LGBTI+ groups most affected by intersectional discrimination.

Download the Call for Experts for full details on this opportunity, including information on the two programmes we are recruiting under. Then use the form below to submit your application.

Apply now

If you have any questions related to the consultancy, please email programmes@kaleidoscopetrust.com, titling your communication “Kaleidoscope Trust Capacity Development Intervention Consultancy”.