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'A Fate Worse Than Death?'

Kaleidoscope to mark World Human Rights Day

10 December 2012, House of Commons

Join us to debate the latest attacks on LGBTI human rights in Uganda, Nigeria and elsewhere.


Even as I write this MPs in both Uganda and Nigeria are posed to vote on new laws that would make life intolerable for LGBTI people in those countries. Even if the threat of the death penalty is removed, gay men and women risk life in prison just for being themselves. Their families, friends and neighbours could go to jail if they don't report them to the police. 


We can all sign petitions, write to our MPs, join protests and demonstrations, but is there anything more we can do to help those who have to live with the consequences of these brutal laws?


Kaleidoscope can report from the front line.


Harjeet Johal has just returned from Uganda. Bisi Alimi is a refugee from the homophobia in his home country of Nigeria. They and other speakers will be debating how you can support the campaign on World Human Rights Day, December 10, at the House of Commons.


Please join us for our meeting: 'A Fate Worse Than Death?'


The meeting will be held in Committee Room 14.  Access the House of Commons via the Cromwell Green entrance; walk through Westminster Hall and then through to Central Lobby.  Turn right and go up the staircase to the Committee Corridor.


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Entrance to the event is free, however, space is limited and will work on a first come first served basis.

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10th December, World Human Rights day
Committee Room 14, House of Commons, 8pm


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