We support LGBT+ activists around the world

Our Values

At Kaleidoscope Trust we believe it is important that any organisation striving to create positive change shares a common and robust set of values. Our staff team and trustees developed this below list of values together, both to guide the way in which we work day-to-day, but also to act as a yard stick when making challenging decisions or reflecting on the best way forward.


Our four values are concepts which define our organisation and work, and are fundamental components in achieving our vision for a world in which LGBT+ people and free and equal everywhere.





We believe that the pressing LGBT+ human rights challenges of our day can only be solved through collaboration, whether that be with members of the public, international human rights organisations, or grassroots community organisations in hostile environments. We strive to work with and for LGBT+ activists within the countries we focus on, co-creating strategies and solutions that are sustainable and speak to the needs of the community. 




We acknowledge that international LGBT+ human rights exist within a larger historical, social, and cultural context, and commit to ensuring our work is intersectional in focus, taking into account how gender, race, class, religion, ability, and socio-economic status impact on and contribute to the structural inequalities faced by LGBT+ people globally. We acknowledge the profound and long-lasting effects of colonisation on the human rights landscape and daily lives of the people and countries with whom we work and actively challenge imperialist approaches not only to support positive change, but to ensure that that change is guided by and for communities that use different languages, frameworks and tools to define their lives and their futures. Furthermore, we believe that in order to challenge multi-faceted or compounded forms of discrimination, we must lead with a staff team of diverse backgrounds, identities, and belief systems.




We believe that in order to sustain positive change, we must take a compassionate and sensitive approach in working with our partners and others. At the heart of our fight for the human rights for LGBT+ people is the understanding that in order for all people to be treated equally, we must extend our compassion to those who may look, live, or love differently to us.




We strive to be at the forefront of international LGBT+ human rights developments, providing up-to-date expertise to decision-makers globally when the rights of LGBT+ citizens across the world are under threat or contravened. We believe that securing our global community's rights is one of the foremost human rights struggles of our time, and that the work we do alongside our partners is urgent and pioneering. As such, we aspire to ensure our interventions are both informed by experts on the ground and underpinned by best practices within human rights advocacy.