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Gaming could be your passion, your profession or just a pastime, but gaming for Kaleidoscope Trust gives you a chance to support LGBTI+ people around the world to live free, safe and equal lives. Set up a gaming livestream to fundraise for Kaleidoscope Trust.

Setting up a charity livestream is simple:

  1. Set up your fundraising page to take donations (we suggest using Tiltify)
  2. Download our video and border to promote that you are streaming in aid of us on Twitch (you can also find other videos about us and our work to share during your stream on our YouTube channel)
  3. Set a date and time to stream and promote it to your followers

We’d love to help you promote your stream. If you’re planning a long stream we may also be able to provide some personalised video messages. Let us know when you are planning to go live!

Download assets to promote your charity stream