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The case was brought by Rosanna and also a member of The Commonwealth Equality Network, with the support of the Human Dignity Trust, and it urged the UN Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW) to take a firm stand and condemn attempts to exclude lesbian and bisexual women from enjoying their fundamental human rights, as they are often left exposed to gender-based violence and discrimination.

Among other uncoverings, the CEDAW found that Sri Lanka’s actions have limited Rosanna’s human rights since constraints introduced by the criminal law suspend her right to access justice, at an institutional level. Rosanna is one of millions of women  left unprotected by state laws.

However, Rosanna’s commitment to defending human rights encouraged her to look at the world as it should be: free, safe and equal for all. Her commitment means the Sri Lankan Government has been held accountable and brought LBQ rights to the forefront. This landmark decision equals a significant legal precedent that will affect millions of lesbian and bisexual women. It also sends a strong message across the world that lesbian rights are human rights and that change is inevitable as long as there are human rights heroes out there fighting for equality and justice.

Find out more about the case and ruling, via the Human Dignity Trust, the United Nations and The Commonwealth Equality Network, where an interview with Rosanna is hosted.