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The second phase of the Global Equality Project is being implemented jointly with the Westminster Foundation for Democracy (WfD) and runs through to October 2023. The project seeks to ensure that the momentum to amend and repeal discriminatory laws and policies, defend human rights, and promote gender equality that we have been supporting partners to build since 2018 (through the Equality and Justice Alliance and later the Commonwealth Equality Programme) delivers sustainable outcomes.

The programme works in over 20 countries and territories in Africa, Asia, the Caribbean and the Pacific to create space and opportunity for enhanced collaboration and engagement between lawmakers and civil society organisations. Its objective will continue to be achieved through:

1. Creating greater evidence, capacities and incentives among government members and parliamentarians of the social and economic costs of discriminatory regulations and practices.

2. Strengthening collaborative relationships between civil society and political decision-makers and supporting the flow of reliable information and evidence.

3. Deepening civil society’s policy development and advocacy capacities with a view to creating and more conducive environment for positive change in laws, policies and their implementation, as well as shifts in social norms.

This programme is funded by the UK Government’s Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office.