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It was, after all, a collective of Black and Latinx trans people, sex workers and social outcasts who initiated the Stonewall Uprisings that ignited the modern movement for LGBT+ liberation. It was a group of queer Black women who led the Black Lives Matter movement to prominence in 2014. And in 2020, there had never been clearer calls to recognise, acknowledge and appreciate the remarkable impact Black LGBT+ people and LGBT+ people of colour have made and continue to make in the fight for LGBT+ human rights around the world.

Our work at Kaleidoscope Trust is guided by an intersectional approach to equality, for there is nothing more important than ensuring we work closely and collaboratively in defence of not only the human rights of LGBT+ people, but the rights of women, girls and children. We must take into account how race, gender, class and ability continue to determine life expectancy, access to healthcare and justice. They all overlap, intersect and are co-dependent.

Here in the UK, we are beginning to emerge out of lockdown, but the situation in many countries around the world is markedly different. Our new situational analysis reveals the on-going uncertainty facing LGBT+ activists and communities across the Commonwealth, and sheds light on the challenges LGBT+ people and the organisations that support them face as they continue to fight for access to vaccines, medical care, housing and employment.

As we rightly celebrate the tremendous steps we’ve taken towards LGBT+ equality in the UK, and while we challenge some of the rollbacks our communities are facing here at home, we must also stay focused on the very real and urgent need of LGBT+ communities around the world – not least in the Commonwealth, where colonial-era laws still mark and marr the lives of LGBT+ people. We believe the UK has a responsibility to address and redress its colonial legacy, and to be clear in its commitment to funding LGBT+ human rights work.

What Black Lives Matter and the ongoing fight for LGBT+ equality around the world reveal is that the prejudices of the past have very real consequences in our present. We are working hard to ensure that no LGBT+ person is left behind in the fight for freedom, safety and equality, and we hope that you’ll support our work and our vision by joining people of goodwill from around the world who make a donation to help us make a difference.

There are many ways to get involved. From one-off to monthly donations, PAYE giving and fundraising events, the action you take will have a meaningful impact on our work and in the lives of LGBT+ people across the Commonwealth. The challenges of our time can only be solved through collaboration, and we hope you’ll recognise the ongoing need of our LGBT+ siblings who deserve to live free from violence and persecution.